About Us

More than one Brand …M-Tec LLC brings the World of Process disciplines, Valves and Controls to you.

We seek out and maintain global relationships with select manufacturers who enable us to give you a look into the world of product possibility and performance that you don’t get from the everyday providers of closed channel sourcing.

When your supply chain breaks, and you cannot obtain what you always could before, M-TEC will fill those supply gaps with our hub of manufacturers which we have developed over years of enterprise and relationship building.

We work to source, qualify, and build relationships with manufacturers who are eager to put our customers’ quality and delivery requirements forefront in the product purchasing cycle. Our manufacturers are all compliant with traceability for both “foundry forging/pour” sources and manufacturing country of origin traceability. We give you top quality products that deliver reliable top-quality performance. When you need a product that the "Big Dog’s" can’t deliver, M-Tec is your source.

We marry the elements of supply with our extensive data base of valves, instruments and controls that are commonly tied to a wide variety of process piping codes and specifications that give us the ability to respond to daily purchase and project bid requirements in a quick and timely manner. We have extensive product and application knowledge which gives us the added ability to quickly match customer requirements to exacting product specifications.

We team with senior industry disciplined talent to offer you a selection of professional services ranging from quick effecting order processing, product application, project estimating, project managing and contract purchasing. We bring together team industry experience and product knowledge to that you will value.

We hope to have the opportunity to provide you with our M-Tec LLC products, and services.

Marvin Mann

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