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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

M-Tec offers services that involve oil and gas to help with projects, as well to maintain their licenses to create as much profit as possible. With our vast knowledge in this sector our goal is to provide services and unparalleled performance to our clients. We are always striving to maintain safe practices within the upstream and downstream sectors.

  • Process
  • Upstream & Downstream
  • Pipeline
  • Cryogenic
  • Separation & Filtering
  • CO2 & Salt Water Injection

Bio Energy


With bioenergy M-Tec can offer renewable energy sources that simultaneously will also benefit environmental causes. Both Biodiesel and Algae Processing are two ways that we are attempting to lessen our carbon foot print on the world. With more understanding of Algae and using it as fuel, it has become a more viable option in terms of being cost efficient and a more nature driven approach as compared to other fuels.

  • Biodiesel
  • Algae Processing



M-Tec strives to keep up with the competition locally and maintains efforts to keep up with government mandated programs. Our industrial operation involves a broad range of technologies that include renewable energy and more efficient water treatment methods, while always striving to maintain current safety methods and procedures.

  • Chemical
  • Food & Dairy
  • Power

Water and Wastewater

Water / Wastewater

The main goal for M-Tec in wastewater management is to bring efficient services as well as preserving the environment for generations in the future. When it comes to the proper treatment for wastewater there are very important steps one must take including: removing solid particles, neutralization, odor control, disinfection, and sludge treatment and removal.

  • Municipalities
  • Water Management
  • Valves, Meters & Controls

M-Tec offers a wide variety of waterworks control valve designs, engineered to meet the entire spectrum of water utility system requirements. By controlling pressure, rate of flow, and surge and pump control, engineers and specifiers rely on our valves to help improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution. M-Tec also specializes in altitude control valves to service elevated water tanks and digital control valves to interface with high-level SCADA systems.

M-Tec is ahead of the curve in knowing just how essential it is that water treatment facilities use the correct valves in their systems. Doing so ensures that piping systems operate consistently, effectively, and safely, which prevents unnecessary maintenance.

This is true for all types of water treatment, from controlling and regulating dirty sea or river water to producing high-purity water for pharmaceutical industries. Common valves used for water treatment include gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves and ball valves. Each valve has its specific uses and conditions it can operate under. To ensure the correct valve is used, it is important to know the applications each valve is suited to handle. Not only does our team of M-Tec personnel provide engineering expertise in the functions and applications of our line of water treatment valves, but we also provide fast response and exceptional service to any questions you may have regarding our line of water valves.

Common valves used for water treatment: There are various types of valves used in water treatment applications. Each is designed to work in specific ways for different purposes, and each has both benefits and drawbacks. The following are some of the most common valve types.

API 602, 600, 607, 6A 6D & AWWA

  • Ball – Floating, Welded, Trunnion & 3-Way
  • Gate, Globe, Check, Plug & Knife Gates
  • Triple-Offset, Butterfly, Line Blinds and Google
  • Control Valves, Globe, Sliding Gate, V-Ball, Large Diameter
  • Cryogenic, Critical Service, Steam Systems & Blowdown

M-Tec also carriers several industrial valve and engineered process solutions, industrial air systems and fire protection valves and project management, utility line video scoping and valve cut-in service.

Rest assured that valve and control products manufactured and sold by M-Tec meet the highest industry standards in water and wastewater applications around the globe from our M-Tec headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas.


OEM & Packaging

M-Tec offers custom design and implementation solutions for specialized valves applications to streamline manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations. We can provide high quality and cost-effective value solutions that are compliant with government and safety regulations.

  • Manufacturing
  • Combustion Packagers
  • Flare Packagers
  • Fuel Gas Skids
  • Process Controls
  • Seal System Components
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