OEM & Packaging

In the network of product development, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are a large part of what makes innovation possible. M-Tec offers custom design and implementation solutions for specialized valves applications to streamline manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations through it line of OEMs.

With an emphasis on premium services from our Tulsa, Houston and Oklahoma City, M-TEC can provide high quality and cost-effective valve solutions that are compliant with government and safety regulations in the following arenas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Combustion Packagers
  • Flare Packagers
  • Fuel Gas Skids
  • Process Controls
  • Seal System Components

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Most often, OEMs purchase parts from other manufacturers or suppliers and use them to assemble their finished products. OEMs also make parts and sub-assemblies that are resold to other companies who assemble them into their own finished products.

M-TEC highlights that the OEM acronym has come to be associated with product engineering and manufacturing, sub-assembly manufacturing (especially automotive and electronics) and even component manufacturing.

OEM manufacturers design, engineer and manufacture complete products and systems. Some OEMs also manufacture sub-assemblies or component parts. Other manufacturers purchase these and assemble them into their products. It is not unusual for OEMs to perform all of these functions: parts manufacture, sub-assembly and final production.

With over 40 years’ experience in the valve and control industry, M-TEC executives have witnessed a change in the U.S. valve industry landscape from the mainland of “do-it-all-ourselves” companies to independent islands of commerce focusing just on what they do best—design and manufacture.

The do-it-all philosophy used to include warranty, service, modification, repair and R&D work. The realities of today’s valve manufacturing economy, however, make subcontracting some of this work a necessity, which is where M-TEC can help meet your needs.

Rest assured that valve and control products manufactured and sold by M-Tec meet the highest industry standards around the globe from our M-TEC offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Houston.

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